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Originally Posted by BooksForABuck
My wife has a rule--if a book comes into the house, another book has to go out. She spent the first couple of years we were married stopping at every garage sales to see if they had bookcases. Then one day, she realized our house had turned into a library and we still had stacks of books on the floor.
That rule would never fly in my house! Books get rotated off the bookshelves as needed, with books that were good for just one read getting donated, traded or given away and the rest finding a home in a box for storage (in accessible spaces of course).

Luckily, I have a girlfriend who, even though she doesn't read quite as much as I do, goes on book buying spurts, so the "book clutter" is just as much her issue as is mine.

Naturally, now that I am a convert, my clutter won't be much of an issue (I hope/think). It only took a couple of years to convince her to use an MP3 player and she's shown some interest in my Reader already, maybe I can get her to ask for one for her birthday, hehe.

edit: now if I can just find some software that will help keep and organize my new and growing collection, I'd be in bliss. (As discussed here .)

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