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Audio Player

I generally use my ipod for music but thought it would be nice to put some classical music on the reader's memory stick--just in case my iPod died, or I didn't have any classical music on it at the moment etc... The sound quality on the reader seems fine for its purpose (I'm not planning on using it to distract me from reading--just to provide some non-subway induced background noise.)

But there's no way to organize the files by album! much less by artist etc...

The fact that it organizes files by tagged track name seems even worse than organizing by file name: I would have to retag each file just to make them show up in an acceptable order on the reader. It's no fun going from the middle of a Mozart violin piece to Gershwin or Beethoven!

I was wondering if I'm missing something obvious--or if someone has figured out a decent workaround.

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