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Question Please help on modification of key mapping


I'm currently working on modification of key mapping by changing \resources\scripts\main.xml. I had some successes to give browsing functionalities to the joypad in reading mode, by adding following lines in main.xml

(around line 1195)

<kbookPage id="PAGE" left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="30" href="x-id://bookData">
(note: modification starts below)
<function id="doLeft">
<function id="doRight">
<function id="doCenter">

Basically, left and right keys were mapped to browse forward/backward and the joypad central key was mapped to turning to next page. However, in some books with super links, clicking the central key on a link wouldn't enter. The solution I can think is by mapping the volume+ key to it, by adding

<function id="doLoud">

However, it doesn't work and instead, pressing the v+ key makes going to the next page! So there must be something wrong in the this.bubble("doCenter"); but I can't figure it out.

I appreciate if anyone can help me out.
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