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Originally Posted by unkilbeeg
Hmmm. Frustrating. So far I've had no luck in finding a way to create LRF files.

HTML2LRF doesn't seem to work very well under wine, at least not here. It creates an LRF file that contains a title page, but no text. My test file is from a Baen HTML download. Admittedly Baen's HTML is U.G.L.Y. Even after considerable cleanup, however, the resulting LRF file is exactly the same. Empty except for the title page.
I'm operating under Windows and I get the "empty except for title page" issue as well, and I concur that it seems to add another blank page per html file.

I've run gutlrf with success (which calls HTML2LRF to produce the lrf file), but when I use GutenMark to convert text to HTML, the resultant file does
not come out well with HTML2LRF. I was convinced I was doing something wrong, but I'm no longer sure. I do know that the Gutenmarked files display beautifully in both IE and firefox. I've run tidy, and I've split the html into chapters, and banged my head against the wall...

Anyone have any idea of what HTML2LRF is looking for in the html format? I'm thinking there is something missing from both the gutenmark files and the baen files.

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