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Originally Posted by KingDani View Post
i was ok with battery for a while on 1.6 , but after i nearly filled 1gb standard card of DR , i found keys to freeze more often. they get unresponsive , and i suspect , they prevent the device from going to peaceful sleep. now i get battery drain like hell , and after 3 days of non-usage , because of a newly arrived Sony Reader 700 , i got a dead DR , and unresponsive to anything.
it refuses to wake from sleep , even with reset hole stimulation , and even when connected to USB , it goes to sleep after 15mins ( a preset for sleep ) and since no LEDs lit , i suspect it stops from charging
any ideas? could it be the nearly filled SD card?
It seems highly unlikely to me that the SD-card is the cause of your deteriorated battery life. But if you want to be sure, you could try and pop in another SD-card that doesn't have too many files on it. Or even start it up without the card. The DR does boot without the card, it is just not very useful that way.

Leave it on the USB-charger, or even better a USB on a computer, for some time and then, boot it up again by pressing the reset button. Keeping the reset button depressed longer has helped some people as far as I remember, but reports on how long to press it vary from 5 seconds till 30 seconds. Before sending it off to iRex, it is probably worth the effort to keep it depressed for over 30 seconds, I suppose.

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