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Originally Posted by Laurens
One of the suggestions I've given in response to their BBeB content beta program was to publish the specs of the binary LRF format. (They're pretty slow in responding, though.)
I'd never heard of that program before now. Is there a way to request participation?

Originally Posted by Laurens
The specs for the XML-based LRS format are already public, but those require the Xylog parser DLL to be converted to LRF and the DLL is not yet officially available.
Yeah, I saw this and have found the document useful in understanding what's going on in the document from a high level. However, I believe that the Xylog parser DLL that everybody's using is an old one that suffers from the following limitations:
  • I believe it has problems creating large files.
  • It's slow.
  • When there's an error it's very difficult to figure out what's wrong with the LRS.
  • It's a native Windows DLL
  • I doubt that Sony really allows anybody to redistribute that DLL as part of their product. I haven't found anything anywhere that says one way or ther other just yet.
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