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Problem with my recipes (Calibre 0.6.2)

Why is it that I can't keep my selfmade recipes... It was great before I upgrade with the latest version of Calibre, but now it caused lots of bugs and now I can't convert to get my blogs and news on my Calibre and later on my PRS-700... I got used to make my recipes with the advanced mode, but now it doesn,t work at all... it says right away that it can't convert... when I take feed by feed and put them indivudally it gives me this at the end...:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 103, in <module>
File "", line 90, in main
File "calibre\gui2\convert\gui_conversion.pyo", line 17, in gui_convert
File "calibre\ebooks\conversion\plumber.pyo", line 709, in run
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\transforms\flatcss.pyo", line 123, in __call__
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\transforms\flatcss.pyo", line 166, in baseline_spine
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\transforms\flatcss.pyo", line 155, in baseline_node
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\transforms\flatcss.pyo", line 151, in baseline_node
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\stylizer.pyo", line 338, in __getitem__
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\stylizer.pyo", line 375, in _unit_convert
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\stylizer.pyo", line 428, in fontSize
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\stylizer.pyo", line 413, in normalize_fontsize
File "calibre\ebooks\oeb\stylizer.pyo", line 376, in _unit_convert
TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'

If you can help me build up a recipe with those feeds: (u'Blogue Mauvais oeil', u''), (u'Le blogue du QL', u''), (u'Zero seconde', u''), (u'Patrick Dion', u''), (u'', u''), (u'Canada - Afghanistan Blog', u''), (u'Nouvelle société', u''), (u'Exploration de Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)',u''), (u'Collectif La Barricade - Drummondville', u''), (u'La Commune', u''), (u'Blogue du Collectif Emma Goldman', u''), (u'LÉtoile Noire - UCL - St-Jérôme', u''), (u'Voix de fait', u''), (u'Collectif du 19 juillet', u''), (u'Yves Michaud', u''), (u'Louise Harel', u''), (u'Jean Gagnon - Blogue sur léconomie', u''), (u'Yves Boisvert - Course de fond', u''), (u'Pierre Duhamel - LActualité', u''), (u"L'\xc9lectron Libre", u''), (u'Joseph Facal', u''), (u'Pierre Assouline', u''), (u'G\xe9rard Larose', u''), (u'Chantal H\xe9bert', u''), (u'Christian Mistral', u''), (u'Blog - Le contrat social', u''), (u'G\xe9rard Larnac', u''), (u'Michelle Blanc', u''), (u'Stephane Gendron', u''), (u'Olivier Charbonneau', u''), (u'Steve Faguy', u''), (u'Bernard Drainville', u''), (u'', u' nodeID=201610'), (u'UdeM présidentielle américaine', u''), (u'fightforjustice', u''), (u'Myr', u''), (u'Mike Ward', u''), (u'Anthony Bourdain', u''), (u'Blocgue', u''), (u'Franco Nuovo', u''), (u'Richard Hétu', u''), (u'Mali Ilse Paquin', u''), (u'NGN Blogs', u''), (u'Branchez-vous - Blogosphère', u''), (u'Branchez-vous - Opinions', u'')

and those:

(u'Droit inc', u''), (u'Cyberpresse - Justice et faits divers', u''), (u'Centre de recherche de droit public - UQAM', u''), (u'Jurist - Perspectives', u''), (u'Jurist - US & International', u''), (u'Jurist - Op-Eds', u''), (u'Jurist - Today in Legal History', u''), (u'Pascale Robert-Diard', u''), (u'International Law Blog', u''), (u'Vincent Gautrais', u''), (u'Journal dun avocat', u''), (u'Xavier Cormier', u''), (u'Slaw', u''), (u'Yale Law Blogs', u''), (u'Edward Prutschi', u''), (u'Mike On Crime', u''), (u'Michel Adrien', u''), (u'Mary L. Dudziak', u''), (u'Harvard ILJ Digest', u''), (u'', u''), (u'Alex (', u''), (u'Indignant Indigent ', u''), (u'The Court', u''), (u'Evilesq', u''), (u'Technologist', u'')

That would be awesome! I guess I'll take care of the rest...

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