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hmm... I am at a loss at what's wrong. It does seem to be something with how your system handles foreign characters (seeing as your lrs is identical, and looking at the error lrs2lrf spits out). The japanese there is by default, since the .dll is from the Librie. The input LRS file also contains a bit of japanese to define a font (dunno, i just copied it straight from another LRS). It's encoded in UTF-8, which is a bit of a weird standard. However, my non-unicode language is also set to English, and i've got East Asian languages installed as do you. I've got no clue... anyone else have this problem?

In other news, I found a typo that prevented table of contents from working, and another bug that messes up page ordering in quarters-of-a-page mode. I'll post 2.1.3 tonight, whether or not we figure out fifidong's issue.

EDIT: yeah, textpad can't handle UTF-8. Neither can wordpad. Notepad, of all things, seems to work. However, that in itself isn't the problem.

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