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Originally Posted by nrapallo View Post
Which operating system do you use? Windows or MacOSX or Linux?

The reason I ask is that on non-windows machines, just changing the python scripts can be done locally quite easily (for your own use), whereas for windows you would have to install Active Python 2.5.

I'll check to see if I can find where to patch the code and at the same time will look at fixing a sore spot, in my eyes, when the zooming in the remaining cropped text and it gets expanded more than double. It looks like a big blob when left in PDFRead and I've always wanted to fix that. However, my python skills have gotten rusty so this may take me more time than usual.

Unless, someone who knows what to do steps up to the plate...
i believe i found the source that prevents the saving of the image in

if sum(hist[:32]) < 10 or sum(hist[224:]) < 10:

i think if i remove these, it will work.

Installed ActiveState Phython, the next question, is how do i recompile ? can i run the patched version directly using the Phython

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