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mosh began at the beginning.
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2.1.1 GS issue - SOLUTION

Well I finally gave up trying to figure out why PDFRastaFarian could not create output files or why, after removing that section, it would continue to fail on extracting the pdf.

I am now running PDFRastaFarian on Win2k in a VM.

It appears that Ghostscript is unable to find and therefore no png files are created.

Generating preview....
...Creating EPS file from PDF page
...Performing autocropping (this step may take several minutes)
...Rastering PNG file from EPS file (this step may take several minutes)
AFPL Ghostscript 8.54: Can't find initialization file
...Running PNG file through Sharpening filter
convert.exe: unable to open image `C:\PDFrasterFarian 2.1.1\\temp\prv_5.png': No
such file or directory.


This issue occurs because the "kernel-preview.cmd" and "kernel-processing.cmd" both call GS with "PDFrasterFarian 2.1.0" as the directory whereas it is now "PDFrasterFarian 2.1.1".

A quick search/replace in both of those directories did not resolved this problem.

I had ensure that the drive letter was appended on this line in both files:

SET gs_includes=-I"c:\PDFrasterFarian 2.1.1\software\gs\gs8.54\lib" -I"c:\PDFrasterFarian 2.1.1\software\gs\gs8.54\Resource" -I"c:\PDFrasterFarian 2.1.1\software\gs\fonts"


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