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I have to say the Korean method is fake. Right now the only working method is to add your fonts to 3 *.ttf files under FONT/ directory without change fonts name or file name. Just add to the same file. I guess the fonts alias is hard coded in **truetype**.so file so unless you can re-make those lib file, add another *ttf to FONT/ and modify main.xml will never work.

However, Russian fonts are very small, Japanese, or CJK, or any Asian unicode fonts usually are bigger than 2M in size. Think about you only have 7M space total in mtd14, I don't think Korean method will work.

Originally Posted by njt
You'd need to convert whatever you were looking into a pdf to display it. There is another thread (check the korean thread) that has it working. The instructions are quite complicated so if you want to try it, then you can have it running in Japanese without the need of a pdf^^;
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