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PDFrasterFarian 2.1.1 is out. If something doesn't work, try 2.0.1 and let me know about it. (note: switching between versions is easy, just rerun install)

Way faster
Customizable defaults
Better text quality using 'simple' processing.
No need for password stripping

Blank pages crash
Various PDF incompatibilities (e.g. destwart's PDF, ABC-generated PDFs)
Clarifications of some error messages and captions
Autoimager's been cracked so it won't expire (this is a short-term solution)

Still incompatibile with some filename characters (e.g. parentheses)
When autocropping, the original cropbox is ignored. If something is revealed that was hidden, autocropping will include it leading to a larger page than with autocropping disabled.

Important: I have switched from passing ghostscript PDF files directly and instead I run them through PDFtoPS first. Ghostscript is like a retarded kid choosing ice cream when it comes to pdfs, and converting to postscript both gives the huge speedup and also allows some previously unreadable pdfs to be processed. PDFtoPS, however, is probably not perfect either. Let me know if you find PDFs that it can't handle. I wonder if there's some that ghotscript can read but pdftops can't.

EDIT: I fixed the pdftk/encryption issue. Also, manually inputing filenames wasn't working. Hence, 2.1.1

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