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eReader/Peanut/PalmReader PDB to RTF

I spent some time looking around for something to help me convert (unprotected) PDB files to RTF or something else reader-friendly. I found a tool called PDBSHRED which converted my PDB file to something called a PML file (Peanut Markup Language - good grief). This file was rather annoyingly full of a custom markup which was easy to remove with search/replace, but I wanted to retain the formatting of the file. So... I made a Word macro to convert the text marked with \iItalicize Me\i to italics, replace \aXXX with the proper character, etc, then remove the tags in question.

a) Would anyone else be interested in this? I looked around quite a bit before I finally caved and went home-brew.
b) If the answer to a) is yes, I can post it here after some cleanup and adding support for a few more tags (and removing the ones I can't). Doesn't seem like it would be useful enough to make an input into something like BBeB Binder.

I searched these forums to see if someone had a smoother way to convert PDB to *anything else*, but didn't turn up anything. When it ignores search terms like "PDB" because it's too short (and also the most likely way of referencing such a tool) it makes it harder...
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