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scotty, i'm not experimenting with the bold versions of the PDF's fonts. I'm extracting the normal versions and running them through a font processor which artificially makes them bolder while keeping the widths the same. I'm also converting truetype fonts into type 1, which isn't lossless either. I dunno, I haven't done too much testing, but I don't think the small imperfections matter much at the tiny font sizes we're concerned with. Also speaking of spacing... I've started playing with the "aligntopixels" option in ghostscript which makes the fonts clearer at the cost of poorer typesetting. For the 'simple' or 'none' processing modes this also seems a good tradeoff. (And while I'm on a typographical rant, I'd also like to mention ghostscript's infuriating habit of ignoring font hinting when using 2 or 4-bit antialiasing, since it just pretends it's rendering a letter two or four times bigger! Wth!)

gameboy, that's the blank page error. PDFs with blank pages don't work. It's fixed in PDFrasterFarian 2.1.0, among other things. Hmm.. as for dilation programs. Gimp sounds like a good candidate... I'll take a look. As for does it require .net framework? AutoImager definately has to be replaced very soon thanks for the leads. And as for landscape mode... it's not for pdfs that are on their side.... it's for turning the Sony Reader on its side to read upright pdfs. Although I like portrait too, I have a feeling most people prefer the larger text of landscape. I'm working on a way for you to set up your own default options, however.

PDFrasterFarian 2.1.0 is on the way, probably tonight.
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