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thanks for the feedback and kind words!

jenia.. I'll work on fixing the issue with parantheses in file names. It's fundamentally a problem of the stupid, stupid, ridiculously stupid Windows CMD scripting language, but I think it can be corrected. Very important: which other characters gave you problems?

mosh.. i am not able to reproduce the "too many arguments" error. It could be the same problem of illegal characters as jenia. i'll think some more about this one, but maybe you can narrow down which of the three commands fails? (one trick is to insert the command "pause" or the command "echo About to Execute: xxxxx" on their own lines between other commands)

bcamden.. i didn't know vista did that. how annoying! (what... you can run any exe, but it blocks cmd? wth is the point?) I should get around to installing the RTM, but I really didn't enjoy the betas. (what an ugly and somewhat irritating ui... the windows vista guys should've really taken a page from the office 2007 guys.) Hmm, if you have any ideas about getting pdfrasterfarian to work out of the box on vista or which directions to give to users, let me know.

bcamden... autoimager gives that error with blank pages?? i do think that's a showstopper! thanks for pointing it out! anyway, autoimager has to get replaced because it's not free and it has to be installed by people, so the issue will resolve itself as soon as i find some other prog.

dstewart... I am able to reproduce the error with your pdf, but advanced mode works only if you do not strip the password, correct? (ie, not quite all defaults) I am working on a fix, thanks for the report!

evgen... same problem as bcamden. thanks for the feedback, hopefully i'll quickly get it fixed!
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