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whoa... no idea what's causing the 1 vs 2 page problem. what version of pdfrasterfarian are you using? (use v2. it's not "final," but in all respects it's better than v1). If you have this problem with v2... and you have this problem with every document.... i'm at a loss, but i guess try posting one of your pdfs. i've never encountered this myself (with v1 either, frankly).

i'm also looking into making pdfrasterfarian faster, we'll see how it goes.

p.s. yeah, go for the aggressive cropping. that and a boldness value of 5 (in v2) seems to do the trick for me with my mags in portrait. I haven't found a good utility for manual cropping, but JAP comes close. I keep wanting to see if SNeS (its author) and I could do something to use his cropping gui and my post-processing. Maybe you can send him a pm with kind words.

scotty... im guessing they don't support jpeg2000 because it'd be very slow, much slower than on iliad (then again, all pdfs are slow). as for 255 causing dithering.... really, it does that? how dumb of sony!

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