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Rebuild Database? & Use Path instead of Filename?

Okay, one more question -- In this mess of throwing everything together, I've got several entries in calibre for the same ebook, but in different formats. Originally they had different names etc, but now I have edited the metadata so that the Title and Author names are formatted exactly the same for all copies of the same book. Now I'd like to get these entries 'merged' so that it shows one book with multiple formats, instead of several books each with one format.

If there's an 'easy way', I'm not seeing it. Feel free to point it out and make me feel like a fool.

What I'm picturing is that I need to rebuild the database now that the calibre has sorted all of the files into folders by author and title. I tried Copying the ebook folder structure to another computer and instaling cailbre fresh. I also manually merged all of the different versions of each book into a single folder, named for the book title. When the new instal of Cailbre searched the ebook directory, it ended up with book titles that were all different again, based on the actual file names I think. Is there any way to have it look at the nice directory structure al the files are in, and use those names instead of the actual file name?

Thanks for your patience in helping me fix what I've screwed up through plenty of file mismanagement before discovering calibre.
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