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Originally Posted by Dylrob View Post
I'm not sure I would call a netbook a "full fledged computer". Sure they can do all the basic stuff, like web browsing and word processing, but their specs are too weak to handle many programs. Plus they don't even possess an optical drive unless you purchase an external one.
That is funny. People now use computers to do idiotic things that require lots of processing power but these people don't have a clue what the computer is really doing. How many people understand the math involved in compressing a CD into MP3s. Most people can't tell you what a Nyquist limit is.

Fast high-res games require a lot of processing power but all they really do is waste people's time. So if netbooks are 3 times as powerful as a mainframe that corporations were willing to pay $3,000,000 for in 1980 there is no way they cannot be REAL COMPUTERS. It is just a question of when people will refuse to buy PHONY SOFTWARE. BLOATED garbage like Vista that wastes the processing power of whatever computer you put it on.

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