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PDFRasterFarian 2.0.1 beta 1


I have been using earlier versions of PDFRasterFarian. I appreciate very much your continuing development of the program. For version 2, I came across the following problems:

1. I used all defaults in the conversion and tried to preview the first page, but there was an error message saying that
C:\Program Files\PDFRasterFarian 2.0.1 beta 1\temp\preview.png not found

2. I then ignored the error message and continued the process. Subsequently, the program hang when it rasterized the second page.

Hopefully, you can locate the problem and fix it. Thank you.


Originally Posted by alex_d
This is a sister thread to this one. I'm posting the beta here to get feedback before putting up the full version on the other thread. Please don't be shy about any comments, suggestions, or frank explanations about how it's all crap.

New features:
Much better boldness enhancement (see pics in other thread)
Quarters-of-a-page mode for even more readability
UI overhaul
Multithreading/multicore support
One-click profiles (not yet implemented in beta 1)
Promptless batch operation (not yet implemented in beta 1)

Known issues:
Currently, AutoImager must be installed for the new image enhancement to work. Tips for another (free) program that can do grayscale dilation (or something better) are appreciated. My good friend ImageMagick is failing me here.
Also, only choice 1 works in the installer as of beta 1
Lastly, the color-reduction step doesn't quite output grayscale values 0, 85, 170, 255. Instead, it produces four palletized colors which merely come close. The Reader reinterprets these and the result sometimes is white backgrounds with slight dithering and (possibly) a reduction in text quality.

fixed (from 2.0.0):
Issue with ToC

Todo (short and long term):
Get the one-click/promptless thing to work
Support for rendering djvu and other formats
Somehow increase text weight at the PDF level not as an image filter
Bundle an applet for manual cropping
Ability to run several pdfrasterfarian instances at once
Somehow make things faster (on my 2.4ghz 1-core athlon pc, it takes 10-35 minutes per 100 pages, depending on options)

Suggestions on fixing any of these or other issues are, of course, greatly appreciated. (Note to the tweakers: the image-processing steps are all neatly isolated in the kernel-*.cmd files.)
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