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I have both a 505 and acer 8.9 netbook. They are both good for reading pdf's. If you have tech type pdf's with diagrams, charts, etc. , I use my netbook. The downside as others have stated is 2 to 3 hours battery life, but most of the time , I'm near an outlet if I'm not home.
505 is good for pleasure reading and does have 2 or 3 weeks battery life. I did get the 505 for 150 with sony deal and netbook for 200 dollars. If you can only get one and you do not have laptop, get a netbook. If you have a notebook then get the 505. And if you want both netbook and 505 , get both.
Since I got the 505 , I hardly ever use my netbook. I like the netbook because I can watch a movie, or surf the web, or write or do other stuff. The 505 is great because I have 20-30 books on it and I find turning it on in 1/2 second makes me read more. It takes 2 minutes to start reading on netbook and it is much more awkward to read standing up, or walking, or in many situations. So weigh the pro's and con's.

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