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lol. you could have REALLY told me about this a little sooner.

I must say i'm very impressed with the interface (something I put a lot of value in), but the program is missing all the boldness and sharpness enhancements to text of PDFrasterFarian. Second, the images it produces do not have the right resolution. Third, it keeps rotating "portrait" mode the wrong way so you can't really use portrait at all and it splits up landscape into multiple pages, which is unnecessary. Fourth, you're using lossy jpeg, aren't you? Lastly, it doesn't seem to autocrop each page individually. It crops one page and then makes every other (even/odd) page the same (not true autocropping).

For now, PDFrasterFarian gives MUCH better results, but I really hope our two efforts could be combined!

P.S. I'm russian speaking myself, but have been living in america for a while. Could I ask why does it seem that the biggest community of Sony Reader hackers is in Russia? You guys cant even order them, and I'd guess all but the noviye ruskiye wouldn't want to spend as much as on a computer on a device that only reads books. Then again, I don't have much money either and felt this was the right purchase.

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