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PRS-500 Freeze Up

Hi all

I know others have experienced this issue, and I've read most of their posts.

Luckily for them, most seem to escape without harm! Not so lucky myself, so far.

Yesterday, as I was adjusting the orientation of a PDF I was viewing, the screen went blank. There were a few faint lines, but nothing else. I tried turning the unit on and off, but apart from the left-side LED, nothing else seemed to happen. ("Nothing" is the operative word here).

I know the unit was charged, but to be sure I placed it on charge for a few hours. Then I tried to reset it (paper clip in the reset hole). No luck.

I then tried the hard reset using the instructions from this forum. Still no luck. When I connect the unit to my PC, the Sony software is aware of it, although none of my books are there (perhaps they got blasted by my reset). I tried the firmware upgrade, but according to the software my unit has the latest firmware.

It's as though just the display has died, although I've had no warnings or seen anything bad until now.

I've tried repeated resets and spent about 3 hours attempting various key combos etc. Now and then whe I turn the unit on after a reset, I can make out some extremely faint display items, usually the boot screen - you have to know what you're looking for to make it out. But nothing happens after this and the unit seems to die.

Sooooo, has anyone else seen this? Is there a "deeper" reset option? Would opening the unit reveal anything worth revealing?
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