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Greetings and salutations, this is my first post.

If an e-book reader is too big to fig in a pocket and costs more the $300 then I would expect netbooks to mostly kill them off. Some people will insist on e-ink machines but I think they will be a minority. If anything the the designers try to make the e-readers too much like books. We should have automatic scroll with variable speed control.

I use an Archos PMA400.

It is a Linux computer and I have downloaded the Justreader program into it. My only complaint about it is no automatic scroll. I have to press a button to change screens. But since it fits in a pocket it beats a netbook. It is smaller than a paperback book. It will also record sound and video if you plug in a camera or VCR.

But I expect netbooks to kill most e-book readers. Of course the so called Smartbooks will come out next. Even smaller and $200.

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