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iH Drahnreb, oh sorry, I mean: Bernhard Hi,
the power supply is no problem. I am German, got the reader on 7.11.2006. And I am happy ever after. It is like ultim8fury writes. Du kannst das Kabel vom Netzteil abziehen und eines mit “deutschem” Stecker anschließen. Diese Kabel haben die Form einer liegenden 8.
Battery life is excellent, only yesterday I charged the reader for the first time after the initial charge of course. On the other hand, the advertised page-turning-power of 7000 seems utter nonsense to me.
The reader came with a voucher for 50$. So for that amount of money you can order books for free. To use that you have to register which is a bit tricky. But you find an instruction here: New reader - where is the free credit for the store?
It worked fine for me. If you need any specific pieces of information feel free to ask.
Nice holidays!

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