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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal
I don't have much information to give you, only a request. Consider coding in python. I dont have anything against .Net. I ask because I'm writing a GUI in python and have already reverse engineered the USB protocol the reader uses also in python. Eventually, once the GUI's basic functions stabilize, I will be looking at porting makelrf/BBeBook to python. It would be nice if your codebase was easily integrable into the GUI codebase.

I already have a python class that reads/writes all the metadata from an LRF file, that may be a good place to start.
I've done a little Python, but not much, and am much better versed in C#, C++, or Perl. I'm already creating full-up BBeB's with the header as well as the data (thanks to BBeBook), but it looks like the authors of makelrf and BBeBook never fully figured out the format. So it looks like I'm stuck using XylogParser.dll and creating intermediate LRS files.

.Net is just a better choice for me because it has fantastic support for XML and schemas. Eventually I want to create a web service to do this, which is also easy in .Net.

It should be call-able from Python, and with Mono should also run on Linux/Mac, but I doubt that XylogParser.dll will run there.
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