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Originally Posted by cmumford
Thanks. So do you recommend that my tool create intermediate LRS files (and then pass them through the Book Creator DLL - assuming I can find it), or do you recommend writing directly to LRF?
You can still find the book creator program here. That's where I got my copy. The learning curve to use the problem however is rather steep at first as the program is totally not inutiative and you'll probably have some problems compiling the first book. But I have found by compiling really simple books and setting one feature at a time, it provides a fair bit of insight into how the tags work in a LRF.

I have since stopped exploring the lrf file directly though since I have found it to be far easier to simply use the XylogParser.dll to convert the LRS file. There are some hipcups I encountered while using the Parser to compile though and one of the more irritating ones is that it does not understand some of the named entities used in HTML for certain symbols. Error have been quite hard to find since the parser just simply refuses to compile the file.

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