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Developer needs help getting started


I'm a new Sony Reader owner - and a very happy one. Like the rest of you I've experimented with the best way to get my own content onto the device. RTF seems to give me the best results, but I'd really like to be able to produce documents that are of the same quality as those that I buy on the CONNECT store - and I believe that this means BBeB/LRF.

I've looked at all of the tools linked to in the "BBeB (LRF) generation tools" thread. I've had the most success with BBeBook and BookDesigner but neither of them have the usability nor produce the quality of books that I would eventually like to read.

I decided to write my own program to do this. Partly for the fun of doing it, and partly for the benefits of the tool. I started with the BBeBook source (Java), and ported it all to .Net. I've started a new Google open source project named BBeBinder, and I will put the source here fairly soon. Unfortunately it looks like the LRF format is not documented, and is also only partially reverse engineered. I came across the LibrieWiki that had some information on the format, but it's obviously incomplete.

So my questions are:
  • Is there a better LRF reference out there?
  • Is there a better LRF creation tool that I've not seen referenced anywhere on this forum? I don't want to reinvent the wheel here.
  • Has anybody petitioned directly to Sony to release the LRF format?
  • I can do italic text, but not bold, bolditalic, or any other styles. Has anybody figured this out?

Any guidance you guys can offer a new developer would be greatly appreciated.
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