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I think the bigger question is WHEN are we going to get serious about our environment and move towards digital media of all kinds? We over-wrap our hamburgers, our toys, our groceries. We throw away TONS and TONS of just overkill packaging every day.

This spills right over into the print world. Any idea how many magazines wind up in the landfill? I would guess 90% of them. And print books......... once you read them how many get read again vs how many sit on a shelf or just get tossed.

ANY move towards digital media is a good one, be it a tablet PC, or an E-reader!

As to an answer to the question. While I lean towards a note/netbook, I dont think they will completely replace the ebook at all. I do think you will see E-readers get more netbook features, making them appeal to the puter-nerds in us.

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