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AceHarddrive began at the beginning.
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There are two types that I use:
1) HTML>Sunrise>Plucker
2) MSReader file>ABCAmberLitConverter>Sunrise>Plucker

Most often, I read Xena fanfiction, which can be found on a myriad of sites, most usually in HTML format. However, a few authors have made their stories available on RocketBook format as well. Many authors have permitted their stories to be "edited"
using a variety of tools (depending on the format) and posted on These stories are available in various formats: eReader/PalmReader, Plain Doc, iSilo, Mobi Reader and Microsoft Reader.
Previously, I have used the eReader to read either the eReader or Plain Doc files or Mobi Reader (if that's all that's available). Now I'm slowly getting away from them and focusing on Sunrise/Plucker.
My very favorite stories are of the uber variety and were written by Melissa Good. They are the Dar and Kerry series and consist of (in order):
Tropical Storm
Hurricane Watch
Eye Of The Storm
Tropical High
Terrors Of The High Seas
Moving Target

and seven short stories compiled into one file:
Unmasked Hearts
A Present Under The Tree
Ringing In The Year
Home From The Sea
T'was The Night Before Christmas
A New Year In Miami

Her stories (in the various reader formats) can be found here. Her stories in HTML format can be found here.
When a story has not been "edited" and made available on, I edit the HTML page myself using Writer and MS Works Word Processor, then save as HTML, then use Sunrise to convert to Plucker format.

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