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As far as I know, many eink reader are producing in mainland china/taiwan now.
For example, Hanlin has been producing eink reader for more than 5 years.
there are are more than 4 main e-reader device manufacturers in Chinese market now.

Amazon is monopolizing eink reader in US market, because it dominates on-line book selling. and it is trying to binding content and device as apple.

this business model can't be copied to other countries.

Originally Posted by HansTWN View Post
True, most electronic goods (and most of everything else these days, it seems) is made in China. I did not mean to say that good products cannot be made in China. That would be nonsense. But the key is strict quality control --- which companies that work for the local market often do not have, since prices they can get for knockoffs tend to be ridiculously low.

As far as I know, the Kindle is made by Foxconn which is a subsidiary of Hong Hai Industries. They are one of the biggest electronics OEM companies and would never be stupid enough to copy a product which they produce for somebody else and commit commercial suicide. And while it cannot be ruled out that some subsuppliers sell parts elsewhere they would be careful about offending a big customer, too. Even if they do, the companies that produce knockoffs have less stringent standards and pay a lot less for parts, so they would still not be the same quality. An example, iphone knockoffs sell for around $100, a factory unlocked (not the subsidized kind they sell in the US) iphone costs 6-700.
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