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Best for storing, displaying, and annotating 2-column PDF's? (e.g. research articles)

Hey all,

Sorry if the question in the post's Title is easy to answer, but I've spent quite some time going through threads, and I still can't find the info I'm looking for...

Basically, I'm a researcher and I want to be able to store, display, and annotate 2-column PDF's. I want the page to fit on a screen without physically rotating the device or reading 2-column text a half-page at a time. I don't mind converting PDF's to the proper format via full-version Acrobat. (Finally, ideally I'd be able to transfer the annotated version back to my PC, but that's not crucial.)

As I understand it, I'm going to need a large screen to display such documents the way I want, so I'm looking at the iRex or the Kindle DX. But from what I understand, the Kindle DX has no annotating functionality for PDF's. Even if somebody here confirms that the iRex can indeed do everything that I want, it's abnormally expensive, right?

Any info appreciated!
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