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Thanks, Dale. YOU'RE IN GRASS VALLEY??? Dang...I'm in Cascade Shores, just east of Nevada City!!! It's a freakin' small world, I tell ya! Time to update my profile...

Bear with me here...I feel really embarrassed because I'm a total tech guy who's not afraid to mess around with ROMs, firmware, registries, hardware, etc. But I'm a total noob when it comes to messing around with ebook readers. But I do catch on fast when pointed in the right direction.

I went to the jinke web site and from the top, clicked on "Support" and was presented with a page containing downloads, one of which is the Logomaker software that has been mentioned elsewhere in this forum. Near the bottom there is a link for "V3 Update Package". Clicking that, I get detailed information about the download there, which is labled: V3update hanlin V2.02EN 2009-01-20 2009-01-20

I'm still having a hard time determining whether the firmware version in my reader is the most current or not. That update label doesn't match anything I see in the "about" section on the reader (which says Firmware version: V2.02ASTAK.090421). I'm assuming this is a recent firmware looking at what I believe to be the date (090421). This is in the second line of the "about" page in Settings.

Also I would like to change/add fonts. Again, new stuff to me in the world of ebook readers.

Any further information you or anyone else can provide would be gratefully appreciated.
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