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Originally Posted by emellaich View Post

If I may offer a hint for you.

You have asked Kovidgoyal to download from their site any book and see what happens. Unfortunately, we all have him running around like crazy trying to add special requests and fixes for each of us - all out of his own time. From your description, I can see that you know how much of a hassle it is to go through 'a few extra steps' of a work around of downloading from Gutenberg and editing the book to what you want. Likewise, asking him to find adelaide, figure out their search system and download a book in order to do you a favor raises the bar on his task. Imagine the horror if he downloads the one book that doesn't have your problem [grin]. And all of this for free since Calibre is free software.

Now, I'm probably guilty of mind-reading and putting words in his mouth. However, you could probably get better response if you would do the work for him to find a book and post it directly here for him. Then he could concentrate in the programming that he does so well instead of the fetch and carry work!
Emellaich: Your point is well taken. However, I'm not certain I know how to "post a book" in this forum. Here is the url of a sample Adelaide book that I've had this problem with, but I'm not certain if that's what will work or is needed. Here it is:

Please be assured that I am sensitive to the burden many of us are placing on Kovidgoyal, and I don't wish to be an unreasonable further burden. I just didn't know exactly how to provide him with the information he initially requested of me -- and I still don't. But I am trying. Thanks for your understandable concern. Regards, Jim
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