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Originally Posted by Mambo
Sorry about it but I give a few comments below on the web browser, which works essentially quite well, but without some refinement it is extremely inconvenient to use still. My problems with 0.5 version:

-- letters are too big
-- there is no word wrap
-- constantly blinking green light drives me crazy
-- pages refresh too frequently, often several times when the web site is loading
-- I miss the landscape view
-- sliders, buttons are too small
-- could there be a menu for 4-5 different font sizes, similarly to menu F.

Could we change the way the screen refresh works? That would be welcome if a full-screen refresh would occur only when the user is hitting the page bar, otherwise only a soft rewrite happen?
Don't be sorry about it. If we want to make it usable, there should be user reports like yours :-b.

Some of your points are user-fixable (if you don't mind to edit some text files).

1. To change the scale factor (size) of the letters:
edit dillorc file in dillo/.dillo/dillorc
search for the line that says
and change it to a smaller size (i.e. 1.6)

2. There is word-wrap, but the limit is set so that any column of text should not be wider than the screen. That is, you have to use the horizontal scrollbar to see the column, but every column fits in the screen. No fixes for this one :-/

3. Yep. I know that the blinking light is horrible. I have to find why it's not stopping blinking when it refreshes the screen (at least I put code there to request it to stop blinking... but somehow it's not working).

4. page refreshes are too frequent. And it may be a bug. But you can slow down the time between refreshes modifying the file iliad_refresh.conf
open dillo/iliad_refresh.conf
it says "Full 500", that informs libX11 to do a full refresh if 0.500 seconds have passed and nothing has been written on the screen. Other reasonable options are "Typing 200" to make it do a fast refresh if 0.200 seconds has passed (but "Typing" refreshes suffer a lot from ghosting). To minimize the number of refreshes you can try with
Full 1500
that could be read as "refresh at most once every 1.5 s"

5. Landscape mode would be tricky. Dillo uses gtk1.2 which AFAIK, doesn't make it easy to rotate the interface.To make it display the page in landscape we would need to do another approach. I.E. launching an VNC server, displaying dillo there and hacking a vncviewer so that it can rotate the data to display it in landscape at will... In fact it would be another approach to porting apps to the iliad. What I've done to make dillo work is modifying one of the underliying libraries (that libX11 that I mentioned earlier). Using a hacked vncviewer would mean that the app would go basically unmodified and is the vnc viewer what would need to be adapted for the iliad. The catch is that the VNC protocol polls for image changes, and that is not good for the battery...

6. Sliders and buttons too small: to make buttons bigger, change in dillorc
for the sliders, it should be doable with a gtkrc file; I'll look into it.

7. Adding a menu for font sizes... that would require quite a bit of work, and I have so little time that for now I'll focus on the easy ones O:-).

Ah! And thanks for the report :-).

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