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Developing Apps

Hi, I am very excited to find this forum. I must point out I am not a coder/developer so my questions might be a little shambolic but hopefully not in the wrong place

I probably got one of the first iliads shipped to Ireland I guess (ordered it the 2nd day of release) so far I am impressed and delighted.

My original intention was to use it as a diary & daily planner. I alread have a motioncomputing tablet PC, but the iliad is something special compared to this. However the right app is not available.

So Is there any possibility that people would be interested in coding a simple diary/planner with calendar/scheduler with dynamic info processing.

If you are familiar with franklincovey, something along the lines but simpler and more efficient.

Taking it step further than a paper diary you have all the reminder/alert functions the digital platform can give with the ability to have action lists move automatically if not completed. Create projects step and things like that, but be completely user configurable.

I see down the road that such an simple but powerful app would come pre installed with every Iliad in future. That would be great make it so appealing.

I rally at the chance of breaking from froma M$ dominated world. Lets hope the iliad sees a new form of intelligent digital assistants.

So I hope I am in the right place.

I left the following message on the irex forum,

Yes a Diary & daily Planner would be great.

With the new PDF/scribble I have been thinking in theory you can create one identical to the paper version versionbut the true power is to have you action lists automatically fowarded dynamically to the next day so you can keep track of whats done and what you still have to do. Set reminder, recurring reminders, alerts, to emails, to-call, to-write, you know really customise your to-do work flow and create a complete tracking system for all the info in your life (in the vein of "Getting Things Done" for the iliad.)

Can a 3rd party piece of software be developed for this?

Would anyone be interested in developing??

I am trialing Franklin Covey on my motion tablet PC but I really think the iliad is best suited for what I really want, with its long battery life & e-ink e-paper display its perfect!

I would love a dynamic planner that could be customised to suite data processing needs so you could create defined info-flows & sign off stages. Helpign also to track defined workflows.

So tell me what is the story with developing simple apps for the illiad so it becomes the most powerful digital filo-fax/PDA/diary/to-do list on the planet?

How can we go about this independently?
Cheers Open Window.
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