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Well I gave the Openinkpot a try, both the current version and the snapshots of the upcoming version to the SD card for the "live" boot. Both look really nice. Unfortunately, the current version CRASHED and I had to take the battery out in order to get the reader to reboot. I'm sure operating from the SD card is the problem. I'd love to flash the reader with OI but I don't want to lose the current firmware for good. Anyone know how I can back it up or where I can download the current one so I can hang onto it in case of a disaster? I remember someone mentioned what is supposedly the current version but the name format didn't match what I find from "about" on my reader (as shown in my first post at the beginning of this thread). As it is, I still don't know whether the version of default firmware on my reader is the most current or not.

I imagine there are folks out there who are trying different firmware on the reader, flashing it time and again. Has anyone had any problems with doing this?

Of course, I'm most interested in seeing what the upcoming firmware from Astak will bring. Dropping MOBI isn't going to hurt my feelings as I find Amazon's ebook prices to be a bit steep for my taste (funny though that I can buy just about anything ELSE cheaper there...). It's their loss in thinning their ebook customer base by isolating MOBI. PDF is more important to me. Many of my most important books and manuals are based in PDF and I would MUCH rather have something that will allow me to read them with relative comfort on the EZReader. Having said that, I would really love to give lbook a try but first I need to make sure I can always go back to the original firmware.
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