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Originally Posted by ould View Post
First off thanks to mgmueller for the comprehensive list of devices and their inherent usefulness or lack thereof.

I currently have an older Sony PRS-500. Which I love and use daily on my commute and before bed and whenever else I can squeeze in reading time. Now, while I really enjoy my Sony reader it is far from perfect and I have a few questions on some of the other units.

1. I don't keep too many books on my reader at any given time but I usually have between 20-40 mainly due to lack of proper organization. With the Sony it can sort by author, title or collection. I do use collections for Series so I like that feature but I really wish there were more options to search/sort. Genre, author, read/unread/partially read, length, year etc. Do any of the devices offer this type of support for organizing your collection? I guess it would need to be database driven for this type of organizing. I am probably asking way too much here. But even just to know which books I haven't yet read quickly would be nice.

2. I always liked being able to pick a book from a pile and reads the short description on the back/inside jack. Do any of the readers support this? I know calibre pulls this data when entering in the metadata but as far as I can tell my Sony doesn't make use of this unless I am missing a menu item, which is entirely possible.

3. Being able to delete a book from the reader when finished? I know there is a hack for this for the Sony but I remember reading not to use it if you use collections.

Those are really currently my only shortcomings of my Sony and I am likely just being picky here but now that I know I enjoy the ebook reading lifestyle I could see picking up a newer unit as I originally bought the Sony due to it being cheap as it was used and an older model. I didn't want to drop $300+ on 505 at the time only to find out I didn't like it.


The Irex Iliad and the Sony PRS 500 are my only two ebook devices right now. In answers to your questions.

1. The Iliad allows you to create folders/subfolders on your memory card to organize your content. I like to organize my files by genre but you can name the folder whatever you want kind of like you would in Windows and you just have to navigate to it. I really like this over the way I worked with my PRS500, I didn't really use the genres I just used the main collections part so I had to navigate through bunch of pages to find my books
2. I think it depends more on the eBook than the reader. You can use links in the Iliad if the eBook supports it, I've had books where they had the backcover or dustcover summaries and you could jump to it in the TOC but I haven't see this too much.
3. On the Iliad you can rename files and delete files on the device. I like this because it keeps me from having to constantly go between my computer and the device to manage my files. I find I'm much more likely to just dump stuff on my Iliad than I was on my 500 because once I read it I can just delete it off. The extra step of needing to go to my computer kept me from overloading my 500 as well as the lack of folder support.

I also fine that the screen contrast is much nicer on my Iliad than on my 500. It could just be my 500 is old and that is what is causing it but its about a year older than my Iliad and I haven't been using it in a few months. I tried to start using it again and I found that I didn't like the contrast, it seems faint to me because the Iliad is sharper. I don't know if anyone else has the Iliad and the 500 to confirm this it could just be something exclusive to my device.
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