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Hi Kovid,

OK that helped a lot. It pointed me to a DRMed book in PDF format that Calibre wasn't handling politely.

I pulled that file out of my library that I'm pushing to the device and am re-testing. Looks like it's running smoothly now.

Apparently when it couldn't set the metadata for the DRMed file, it blew up the job.

here's your debug text

Link hasn't been detected!
Link hasn't been detected!
DEBUG: Size=541
DEBUG: Reading numbers: 0 541
DEBUG: Reading XRef Section: 0 with 541 objects.
DEBUG: The PDF file is encrypted
Failed to set metadata for u'Glimmers (Wheel of Time)'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "c:\Program Files\calibre\\calibre\customize\" , line 148, in set_file_type_metadata
File "calibre\customize\builtins.pyo", line 264, in set_metadata
File "c:\Program Files\calibre\\calibre\ebooks\metadata\", line 24, in set_metadata
File "calibre\utils\podofo\__init__.pyo", line 50, inset_metadata ValueError: ePdfError_UnsupoortedFilter

Thanks a bunch for the help.

If I can offer a suggestion for a future release - if there's any way to flag a specific DRMed file and not load it to the device, rather than crashing the whole app.

Other than that, fantastic tool. Worlds better than the one the Sony Reader comes with. And where else can you get such a fast answer to a technical question :-)

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