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Originally Posted by Argel View Post
Can you say what makes you conclude that this is the case?

The Amazon terms state: The Device Software will provide Amazon with data about your Device and its interaction with the Service (such as available memory, up-time, log files and signal strength) and information related to the content on your Device and your use of it.

In other words Amazon make it quite clear that they will look at what you have on your Kindle. And that has presumably to be taken in the light of another condition of sale, namely: You may not use the Device, the Service or the Digital Content for any illegal purpose.

Taken together that would make me very reluctant to carry any material to which Amazon might take exception, particularly DRM-stripped files, regardless of the fact that they have not so far taken action against DRM-strippers.
Thanks for clearing this up. So, when you accept the terms you are accepting this activity. Truthfully I accept what Amazon is doing far more than our own government with their "Patriot Act" blanket over illegal spying.
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