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Dear friends,

I'm afraid that is more f=## serios that I'd though... Checking out my downloads, I saw that I'd never installed a Cybook firmware!Let me explain:

I remember that, I always was very suspicious, bland other things, about the battery performance and the garbage can button (from now, "the garbage can of the dead").. Well, you probably know the Kindler-Sony "killer" Foxit Slick which is similar to my dead Cybook (looking closely, you'll even see the garbage can button!)... And guess what... exactly, I'd installed that firmware instead!

I didn't kill anyone but I'm feel quite stupid... My own birthday is ruined!

However, I hope someone, much clever , could guide me through the darkness tunnel road of the resurrection... And finally finish my 700 pages novels!

But I'd always thought that, independently the firmware "mistake", any problem could be solved through software... I have seen people fixing PSPs, why couldn't I fix my Cybook on my own? I'm wondering if I could use that "pandora" kit for the PSP as well

Happy weekend everybody and remember: never install the competence's firmware -or whatever- on your own system!
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