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Replacing lost Kindle 2, should I get 2 or 1?

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately I ended up losing my Kindle 2 (left it behind in a plane), and now I've been debating what model I should get to replace it. Originally, I thought the DX was the way to go, but it just seems too bulky for everyday use, and out of stock for a long time now too. So now, I'm debating whether I should get a brand-new Kindle 2, or go back to the Kindle 1 for much cheaper. I've had both devices, and I was kind of regretting my upgrade to the 2 for the following reasons:

Why I didn't like the K2:
1. The lack of SD card -- it used to be an easy way to transfer files when you forgot the usb cable, when your laptop has a built-in card reader
2. The noisy buttons -- the next button is way too noisy with an audible click, esp at night when my wife is trying to sleep. I actually preferred the old K1 style mushier, larger, and easier to hit buttons. I really didn't have an issue with accidental key presses.
3. Keyboard -- the buttons are too firm to type fast, and too slippery to type without looking at the keyboard. I could type much faster and more accurately with the separated angled keys on the K1
4. Shape -- I really liked the non-symmetrical shape of the K1; it just felt more comfortable. I sometimes found myself shifting the K2 around in my hands because for some reason (even though it's lighter) it just felt harder to hold (perhaps the thinness?)
5. Power button -- it's so finicky the time you need to hold it, before it turns off completely. Usually it just ends up going to sleep, which really annoys me when I'm trying to maximize battery life. I much preferred the hard switch on the K1

Of course, I also have reasons why I like the K2:
1. Faster page flips -- this was nice, but not that compelling for me, since I was pretty good at timing my flips with my reading speed on the K1
2. Graphics look nice -- the 16-shades of grey were cool, but on reflection, not that useful for reading text.
3. USB charging -- this was pretty nice, since it can charge over the micro-usb. However, I ended up getting a charger-over-usb cable for the K1, so I think I can live without this.

So, what do people here think? If you had to pick between the K2 and the K1 now, knowing everything you do, and the price difference was around $100, what would you do?

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