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Hmm. I see. Thank you very much! (You almost conviced my that my choice will be between the iliad and the sony 505. The biggest advantage of the sony of course is its price. But the iliad would come with a bigger screen, many more capabilities (note taking, wlan, djvu? etc), so i will have to think about this a bit more.) Maybe you can help me with a few more questions?

1. In the comparison matrix from mobileread i see that the iliad will take about 0.5sec more for page turning. Can you confirm this? Is it recognizable for you?

2. In the meanwhile i also found that the sony ebook library seems to give me a supposedly reliable idea of how the pdf files would look on the sony 505. For a lot of files, this does look not so bad. But there seems to be no option for switching "reflow" on/off or rotating screen, but switching from "S(mall)" to "M(edium)" in lower right seems, in some pdfs, to switch from page view to reflow view. Now, is this "emulation" of the sony's pdf displaying capabilities really reliable?

3. Do you know if the current sony firmware supports jpeg2000 in pdfs? (As in (some?) google book pdfs or pdfs from

4. Is there a nice way to share (via samba?) pdf files from a desktop pc to the iliad, meaning that i have the iliad connected to my wlan router and can browse with it through the files i have on the desktop and then download and read one of them comfortably?

5. Is it possible (and cheaper) to buy the cheaper iliad (Book Edition) and add wlan capability via CF or USB?

6. Concerning the nice zooming feature of the iliad you described: do i take your description ("once and use it for the entire book") right in that it is possible this way to let the iliad "remember" a zoom frame i draw in page 1 for the following pages like a temporary crop of white border? Is there such a zoom feature with the Sony (or does one have to manually crop pdfs in advance on a desktop pc)?

Thanks again, mgmueller, for your again very helpful informations!

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