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Device: iPhone/Sony Reader is offering the report as an audiobook for free until Dec. 20th for registered customers.

I have say, I'm more than a bit disappointed that Sony has not formatted the ISG Report for the Reader and made it available (either for free or for purchase) via the Connect Store. I have just spent the last 1.5 hours trying to produce a nicely formatted copy. I began with the RTF copy provided by Fugubot, but the font is too small for me, and enlarging it produced poor results. I then downloaded the copy from Silk Pagoda, but the text is kind of light. I then tried Book Designer (the use a different font than the one in the Silk Pagoda version), but there are pagination problems; I know a fix is coming.

Now that is doing what it can to get this government report into people's hands, I'm a little surprised Sony hasn't made a similar move. And my complaint is not about a free vs. a commercial copy. It's that there is no copy formatted nicely for the Reader, nor is there a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report even if I wanted to buy it (and I would). I don't want to have to print it out or buy a paper copy given that I have a Reader.

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