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Device: PRS-700
prs-700 orange LED light blinking

Hi All,

I got the reader yesterday.

The mp3 play in the background drain out of its batterry.
I chat with the customer service, she talks about a stop icon on the interface which I never saw.
She finally suggests me reset the reader using a stick point into the whole in the back.
Unfortunately, the reader was almost out of power and the whole unit free with a orange LED light blinking.
She then give me a customer service number to call.
I connect the unit to the laptop, the red light appears and orange light is still blinking

After 2 hours, I call customer service and he ask me:

1. do not use AC adapter from PSP ( I just change from the laptop USB to PSP Adapter)
2.use a stick hold down the reset button for 10 secons then switch the power on 3 times.
3. leave it connect to the PC for at least 3 hours, all thing will be back to normal.

Not sure it it works or not, the red light was gone now- there is still an orange LED blinking.

Any suggestion if it fails
---> exchange another one ( get a new one) OR
----> obtain RMA from Sony ( get a refurbish one)

Anyone has experience on that.

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