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I am in complete agreement - with a paperback I can borrow it and if i like it add it to my collection. I have yet to find a friendly library that will do ebooks in any format which is a shame - I suspect that when and if the kindle ever comes out in the UK this will probably change. As are now selling the readers for 149.00 free delivery I would have though they could tie up with the Sony book store and get us access to that in the UK (another annoyance is we cannot use the thing that best supports the device in the UK)

I constantly get offered multiple deals on books by waterstones and yet the same offer is not avaialble on the elctronic version - why not. They know i have the device as i bought it from them. So they should be targeting their marketing but what they do send relates only to the physical version.

I wonder, and I don't condone this method but lets be honest MP3 became popular because of Napster and people sharing files. Which in turn allowed Apple to nick the idea and market the perfect music player (there are better ones out there but not to those stupid apple people )

Once the balance has been reached and the retailer have to fight what income they are losing - like HMV do now agaist Amazon and Play, then and only then will the prices start to drop.

I have to admit the one thing I don't understand regarding Sony is thay can give me free books but not sell me one - but then again it is Sony
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