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Hey, I just figured out that the most common readers like Mobypocket have been ported to symbian s60 smartphones, hence that not even the PDAnerds are able to take their library with them, now even those with a "stupid" mobile can do. Think this is worth a new threat in the Bookreaders section, istn't it?

I guess, this is step further in e-paper direction, but it will take ages, to get rid of a newspaper as such. For people on this forum it is normal to deal with the net and finding their propriate news, books, or what ever, but for the elder among us this is not common.

My father e.g. has his own library, which counts hundreds fo books - the whole house is stuffed with books. I showed him the ebooks on my PDA, but he was not interested. First he likes real books (no way to change this) and second he believes, that he is far to old, to learn how to handle a pda. I think, that this are the two main reasons, why paper will last for at least the next 30 years, until the "old", no-tech generation is gone and the handling of the whole e-paper subject has become daily business and easy as buying your newspaper today.
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