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Originally Posted by Alexander
Mark, did you check the iSiloXC reference?

Btw, your cron job gave me the idea to write a PHP interface where one can online-convert websites.

I did check it. are you saying I can grab the files that isoloX creates with turcic and copy them over to my linux server?

and that PHP interface would kick butt Let me know if you need a tester. That is one thing I like about avantgo. Point to a site and it does it. I'd love something similar, or maybe have the php interface run the conversion, as well as display the options you'd need to put it in your own file.

One complex site I'd like to do is the fark photoshop competitions. Bring all the photo entries from all the various servers into an isilo file and read them while at work.. and check any of the photoshop links if you haven't seen it before
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