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Originally Posted by Sterk View Post
Hi all

I read this forum silently a lot of months having in mind to buy an ebook reader for pdf reading. From what I have read, the Irex digital reader seems to be the best option for a pdf reader. It also seems the firmware 1.6 made the machine work smoothly. Is this accurate?
Furthermore I would appreciate if someone can update me on how fast is the DR 1000 in turning pages. I'm particularly interested to know if it is efficient to read coloured (I know DR is only black and white) books with many pictures (something like comics) which are usually more than 50mb...

I'm looking forward for your help...
Turning text pages are quite fast.. It takes, uhm, approx. 0.2 sec on average. However, it depends on format, view settings etc..
Turning back is slower (I think it depends on a sort of pre-cache function).

Fully and heavily colored pages need a lot more time (even 2 or more seconds, according to the complexity of the page), but the quality is pretty good.

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