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Originally Posted by Bob Russell
Warning... a couple of OT questions on things brought up...
What freeware did you use? Do you recommend it?That's a great idea also. I think they would look cool on the Reader. Any suggested source for the pics?
I'm using the "Free Audio Pack" that comes with "Free CD Ripper 1.4" from the following site:

It claims to be free of all spyware and to be freeware; I can't positively support that, but I haven't noticed anything, either. I was using it as a free CD Ripper to get .mp3 files, but it also has a rather nice tool called "Easy Audio Cutter", which seems to be a rather more full-featured audio editor than I need; however, if you open it up and select "File...Join", then it opens up a window in which you can add whatever tracks you want and then click a Join button, and it will give you a single track containing all the tracks selected.

Getting back to the Sony Reader, given the rather crappy music management in the reader (e.g. the strange sorting, the time it takes to page to the track you want), I've been pretty much just making .mp3s that are either a whole classical piece (e.g. Beethoven Symphony) or a whole CD. I've actually got one 165MB track on the Reader that is all 3 CDs of an "Intimate Moments" classical collection -- don't judge me, it has some nice excerpts and was cheap!

As for the Escher images, can't remember where I snagged mine, and there's already been an extremely helpful suggestion posted

Note that you either need to get a cup of coffee or pick up a paper book if you try to download a 165MB .mp3 file to the reader's SD card; really got to get me one of those USB 2.0 card-readers. On the bright side, adding 20 huge audio tracks didn't result in much of a delay when I unplugged the cable - the reader indexed 500-600 MB of music much more quickly than the 80 Escher pictures!



Edit: I just followed the link I posted, and apparently the Free CD Ripper is freeware, but the Audio Cutter is a fully functional free 30-day trial and $22 to buy; definitely worth the 30-day trial to slam together some large .mp3 tracks to ease the listening on the reader, I'll have to think about whether its worth paying for after that (and maybe play with some of the more advanced features...)

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