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Originally Posted by HarryT
Oh yes, that's reasonable enough - syncing is pretty slow. For a very large number of images like that's you'd be a lot better off writing them straight to the SD card with a USB card reader.
Actually I did write them to an SD card. It's the problem with syncing the SD card data with the device. The Reader was never able to sync all of those files... it would lock up after about 20 minutes of trying. Once it did 'go through' but the screen was locked and had to be reset by way of the reset button the back of the device. I guess I'll just try to consolidate all of those files into ten or so large PDFs, a lot less indexing for the Reader to do.

I'll try the charge and discharge thing for a few days and see if that helps at all, maybe even call tech support. I was kinda dumb and ordered mine from an online vendor in New York so an exchange / return is possible but not the most prefered outcome.

edit: Oh, and no mp3s in the background. Just straight up 250KB JPG browsing.
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